Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nexxus Insider Tip

Shear Genius 2: Episode 8

Insider Tips for Getting the Winning Look

Nexxus® Salon Hair Care, makers of salon-proven and genius approved hair care products, is back as the stylists choice to win on the second season of BRAVO’s reality competition series, “Shear Genius.” Nexxus Editorial Director Roy Teeluck shows that with the right products and a few simple steps anyone can achieve genius, just-from-the-salon-style at home.

Recap of Show

“American Idol” stylist Dean Banowetz joined the five remaining contestants for this week’s short cut challenge. Among the likes of Ryan Seacrest and Sanjaya, he also styles his 75 nieces and nephews—which helped him judge how well the stylists performed with their first grade clientele. They each had thirty minutes to cut and style the hair of a very particular and adorable six-year-old. Banowetz approved of most everyone but was a little concerned with Paulo’s unstable curls and Dee’s sloppy bangs. Daniel won for giving his client exactly what she wanted, a youthful version of Jaclyn’s long, brown curls.

At the elimination, the stylists were delighted to be joined by their family members acting as clients. Daniel’s earlier win gave him the advantage of matching up the group’s mothers, sisters and cousins with the stylists to give each woman a new look. The stylists tried hard to focus on their clients while keeping an eye on what was happening to their loved ones’ hair. Dee, Charlie and Daniel made up the top three, and Charlie was announced the winner for giving Daniel’s mom a short, blonde Sharon Stone look. Nicole and Paulo were the judges’ least favorite, and Paulo was sent home. The judges felt they’d seen this choppy cut from him one too many times, and since it really didn’t work with his client’s hair texture, his time was up.

This week’s “how to get the look” from Roy

Don’t get stuck in a mom-hair rut! Sometimes a bit of color and a new shape can make a big difference.
  • Shampoo and condition with products that will protect color, while enhancing and maintaining shine. Try Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Nexxus Color Ensure Conditioner.
  • To add body, apply a volumizing styler, like Nexxus Root Exxtend, directly to the roots to create lift.
  • Use a blow-dryer and small barrel round brush to dry hair completely and create a shape that frames the face.
  • To emphasize texture, apply Nexxus VersaStyler all over your locks, and finger through to separate and mold the look.
  • Finish by spraying entire head with a lightweight hairspray, like Nexxus 360° Volume.
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