Saturday, August 16, 2008

BSG Interview with Nekisa

The lovely Nekisa answered a few questions for BSG. A couple of them might just surprise you.

BSG: How did you feel being in the bottom 2 or 3 so often during the competition? Was it discouraging?

NB: I was shocked to be in the bottom because it's an unfamiliar place for me. I do realize that the show was just a "game" and not based on real salon scenarios. Even so, looking back I would have liked to have been more relaxed and allow my talents to shine through.

BSG: Did Charlie pick on you as much as the editing made it seem?

NB: Charlie and I wanted to make it on the "Soup". I LOVE Joel McHale! But as far as Charlie and his comments about my anatomy go, his breasts are just as big as mine!

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