Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BSG Interview with Glenn Mitchell

The lovely and talented Glenn Mitchell took some time to answer a few questions posed to her by BSG.

BSG: What a shock! Do you think you deserved to be cut in this challenge?

GM: Well I assume you have seen my exit interview by now, but just in case... No, I didn't feel like I should have been cut from the competition. During the judging process, they seemed to like my work more then others work on that particular day. I also felt like if the group as a whole didn't perform well, then maybe the restrictions placed on us were a bit too unrealistic. It takes me back to college, where if an entire class failed a test then the professor realized the format of the test was not what it should be and we usually got a "mulligan" or the test was just dumped all together. So if the is no winner how can there be a real loser?

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