Friday, August 1, 2008

BSG Interview with Gail Soifer

Gail wigged out a bit in the last episode...well, a wig got her cut from the competition. BSG recently asked her a few questions about the show and life as a stylist.

BSG: So what were those wigs you used in Episode 5 made from? Were they difficult to style?

GS: the wigs were made from human hair. they were very difficult to style because they were very thick and bulky. they were made to be kept long and for clients wanting very full hair styles, not those used to having little to no hair.

BSG: What was the best part of your experience on Shear Genius?

GS: the best part of the experience has been meeting the cast and judges. everyone comes from such diverse backgrounds and it is such a pleasure to learn from each of them.

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