Friday, August 1, 2008

More From Meredith

Dear Meredith,

Wow, that is really red! What were you thinking?


Laura K

Hi LK,

Welllllll, The young lady in question, lets call her "Jessica Rabbit." I consulted with her and gave her the option on brown, red or blonde. Keeping in mind the challange was to be a "dramatic change."

She had green eyes with gold and copper flecks- that is what one calls color harmony and is how I personalized color. Jessica, an ACTRESS told me she probably would get more jobs red because she had been red before and had more bookings.

Had I been doing hair for a TV monitor and HD TV-- rather than the CLIENT the choices would have been different all across the board. The judges were not fond of curly or textured hair because it doesn't transfer over camera that well. Perhaps if I flat ironed them all they would have been more enjoyable---Whatever.. Plus, everyone knows that makeup and eyebrows are key to a makeover and there was none of that goin on...Any way you look at it- this was a corrective color she had baaaannnndddssssss of color and had to be done one color or another.

And then the elimination challenge... Another curly redhead... Just your luck.

Ahh the elimination challenge. In the salon I would normally cut first and then color. I started coloring another corrective color first. I guess because I wanted the color to be perfect this time and did not want to be in the bottom. So, after the color came off I never went back in the release the color in the front..there was so much going on that my ADD was in overload!! I forgot to finish the front.

That being said, In hindsight, (no pun intended) the blindfold challenge was the easiest for me because I could focus on one thing!!!! If you replay the tapes you will find that the model's hair was stuck under her collar and he was referring to her natural texture looking like a squid. He is the only one here looking like a squid. Oopps sorry...

Thanks for helping me have a voice-
PS There was so much crying in last week's episode I thought I was watching a soap! PPS - I never cried maybe that would have helped!!!

Thanks Meredith - please keep in touch!