Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BSG Interview with Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis has an enthusiasm and lust for life that is just plain infectious, as evidenced by his answers to a couple of Blogging Shear Genius' questions....

BSG: How frustrating was it that you couldn't work on your Mom's hair in the Surprise challenge?

DL: It was not at all frustrating. I am so busy at the salon I am usually not the one doing it anyway and I knew she was in good hands with Charlie. Although the plane barely hit the ground in Dallas before she had a full head of foils.

BSG: Who was your favorite guest judge and why?

DL: My favorite guest judges were Alison Sweeney (I have grown up with her on Days of Our Lives) and Robert Hallowell. They both spent the most “get to know you” time with us after their challenges and both seemed truly honored to be there. Jose was pretty great too and I was not expecting that at all.

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