Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nexxus Insider Tip

Shear Genius 2: Episode 5

“It Looks Like A Helmet”
Insider Tips for Getting the Winning Look

Nexxus® Salon Hair Care, makers of salon-proven and genius approved hair care products, is back as the stylists choice to win on the second season of BRAVO’s reality competition series, “Shear Genius.” Nexxus Editorial Director Roy Teeluck shows that with the right products and a few simple steps anyone can achieve genius, just-from-the-salon-style at home.

Recap of Show
A basket of flip-flops appeared in the Shear Genius house, clueing in stylists that this week’s short cut challenge wouldn’t be at the Nexxus salon. Instead they headed to the ocean, where guest judge Oscar Blandi explained the twist: styling hair after a day at the beach and without the luxury of a wash. To the delight of the stylists, the clients—male surfers—bound up the sand. But the difficulty of the challenge sunk in when they were given their only tools: shears, battery powered clippers and spray bottles. In the end, Oscar declared that Daniel and last week’s winner Glenn had fared the worst. Nicole won for transforming her client while maintaining a distinctively surfer look.

Back at the Nexxus salon, the elimination challenge had contestants using color and creative cutting to transform wigs for women suffering from Alopecia. Tears ensued. After a particularly strenuous styling session, the clients hit the runway. The judges loved Nicole’s bold, blonde spikes and Paulo’s natural-looking, youthful cut. He inched ahead of Nicole for his first win. Winners no longer get immunity, so next week no one is safe. Nekisa, Gail and Charlie rounded out the bottom. Although the judges weren’t impressed with Nekisa’s boxy ‘80s bangs and the fact that Charlie played it too safe, Gail was sent packing. Keeping with the tone of the episode, she received a particularly teary send-off. Even Jaclyn got a little misty-eyed!

This week’s “how to get the look” from Roy

When choosing a wig, make sure you choose a style that fits your personality. It’s important to remember that styling a wig is a “one time cut,” so go for a look that you can wear every day, and can also take from day to night.
  • For additional lift, dampen the wig and add a volumizing root lifter, such as Nexxus Root Exxtend.
  • Divide the wig into sections and blow-dry using a large, round brush to add body and volume.
  • After blow drying, use a styling lotion like Nexxus VersaStyler to separate the layers and emphasize texture.
  • To help set your style and maintain volume, spray entire head with a flexible, bodifying hairspray, such as Nexxus 360° Volume.

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