Monday, July 7, 2008

BSG Interview with Parker

BSG readers didn't think Parker deserved to be cut this week, and they also thought he had the winning design in the first week's challenge. He definitely left too early. BSG was able to ask Parker a few questions about the show, life, and hair.

BSG: How does your training as a sculptor help you in your career as a stylist?

Parker: I originally went to The Ringling School of Art and Design for my BFA as a sculptor, before Vidal Sassoon. Being a Formally trained artist has given me a unique perspective of form, line and fluidity. Essentially, there is no difference between cutting hair, and sculpting in any other medium. The same principals of composition and conception apply. It is simply a different material to work in, and as in all mediums, ones technical proficiency and imagination are essential in achieving the extraordinary.

BSG: How did you hear that you were selected for the show?

Parker: Its funny, one of my clients works in the marketing department for the posh Delano hotel on South Beach, FL. When Bravo was scouting locations for their Miami casting for Shear Genius season 2, she met with them regarding a potential casting at the hotel. When casting saw her hair cut, they just had to find out who had done it. They called me up, and the rest you already know.

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