Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BSG Interview with Matthew Tully

We unfortunately didn't see much at all of Matthew Tully in the first three episodes of Shear Genius, but BSG did get a chance to ask him some questions about his experience on the show.

BSG: What did you think of Tabatha Coffey as a guest judge?

MT: she was fine i didn't agree with her short cut choice but thats ok

BSG: How many nights did you spend in the apartment? Was this the longest time you have spent away from your wife?

MT: 11 nites in the apt this was the longest time spent away from home ever

BSG: What do your fellow stylists and clients from your salon think of your appearance on the show? Are they watching?

MT: they all loved watching me on the show but were bummed i was off so soon

BSG: After watching the episode were you surprised by anything that any of the other stylists said in the confessionals?

MT: i was very surprised that the other women found it weird that i miss my wife so much i guess they dont have a happy situation like i do

BSG: What's it like to work with your wife all day long at the salon? Are you ever in competition with each other?

MT: we love working together and we do not compete

BSG: What made you try out for Shear Genius in the first place?

MT: i wanted to try out to show my skills in cut and color but that did not happen lol

BSG: Are you in contact with any of the other stylists?

MT: i only talk to oshun

BSG: What does the future hold for you?

MT: i have been hired by sebastian to be an educator for cut color nation wide