Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BSG Interview with Meredith Spiros

Gone but not forgotten, BSG has obtained an interview with Shear Genius stylist Meredith who made her final cut in episode four.

BSG: You mentioned that you teach courses on cutting curly hair. What other courses do you teach? Is it because you secretly have curly hair?

MS: I’ve never been “secret” about having curly hair. I lost hair after my pregnancy, which happens to a lot of women, and it’s too sheer to wear curly right now without clip-on hair extensions. In my classes, I help every hairstylist with their technical, consultation, styling, and finishing skills while also teaching the latest trends from Aveda.

BSG: Do you prefer teaching others or doing hands-on styling?

MS: I prefer hands-on education and working in the salon environment. I don’t believe it’s an “either-or” situation.

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