Friday, July 25, 2008

BSG Poetry Contest Winner!

Back in June, after episode 1, we announced a poetry contest in honor of the poetical Oshun here on Blogging Shear Genius. And we finally have chosen a winner!

Congrats, Colin! Please send us your contact info because there's a prize waiting for you!

The oshun was deep,
and that's how I was in
to the episode that
placed him in the bin

Sally was tough
really, what're you gonna do?
inspired by that black blob
of cartoon hair do'

But still, it runs dry
both inspiration and oshun
Gone from his work...
maybe Daniel stole that 'potion'

The judges all balked
the model felt pressed
as she attended that walk
to pass Oshun's test

But pass, he did not
and was sent promptly home
to play with and style
his sole garden gnome.

For who now, after all
would let that salt water treat
their head or their hair,
once he was beat...

"Not I," said his gnome,
and everyone other
"Not I," said we all
and the salty one's mother

So now, the Oshun waves sad
and salty with tears
Having lost the gratest opportunity
of all of his years

The Oshun was deep...
but now it runs shallow
exiled from hair gods,
and their halls, all hallow.