Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Interview with Jaclyn and Kim

Jaclyn Smith and Kim Vo took time out of their busy schedules recently to answer some questions. BSG was lucky enough to be able to participate in this conference call! Here are some of the highlights of the conversation.

Jaclyn on being a host, and her expectations of Shear Genius:
It was difficult at first. I’d never done reality TV. It was rather daunting and frightening because it’s not like just taking a character and creating it…and fine-tuning it. You are on the spot at all times. And you have to be very present. And it was challenging. But I must say the second time around it was easier and I had fun. And…I love the challenge of it, I really enjoyed it. I really didn’t know what to expect…I just wanted to have fun. I wanted to be challenged. And believe me, the first season I was challenged. And then now I’m on the second season and…it’s just another whole world.

I had fun both times but being in the moment and being spontaneous, and not getting so emotionally involved with all the stylists, it’s difficult for me.

Jaclyn on the show and Season Two:
I think in these challenges what’s very interesting and why I was attracted to this type of show that Bravo does because it is about talent, but it isn’t just about the technical talent. It’s about the mind and how you handle the stress of a particular challenge because they’re under such time restraints. I mean, to do all - color, cut and style - in two hours is difficult. So it is the mental capacity to be under that type of stress. It’s not always to the very finest in color, the very finest in cut. It’s who can really complete that challenge without letting the stress overtake you.

The second season is a very cohesive group. They really got along. There was unbelievable bonding between them. Yes, everybody wanted to win but they were also pulling for each other which I thought was admirable. I like that because I think more talent comes out when you are not so desperate to win something.

Kim on the next hair icon:
You know who I’m in love with right now is Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cut, how she’s wearing it… a little below the shoulders. She cut off all that long hair and she’s wearing it a little bit wavy. It’s just sliced in [the back], but it’s a little beveled so it’s not such a blunt bob. And I definitely see very natural wavy hair coming back, definitely for summer and into the fall.

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