Monday, June 30, 2008

BSG Interview with Oshun

First off but not soon forgotten, Oshun took the time to answer some questions for BSG.

BSG: You discovered your passion for hair at age 10. How long have you been actually cutting hair? Has your passion increased or waned since your experience on Shear Genius?

Oshun: 21 years i've been cutting, my passion has not changed being on the show, but i will show the world my hair cutting skills thats what going to happen

BSG: What did you think of the "celebrities" in the elimination challenge? Would you have preferred to work with a different cartoon character if you had the choice?

Oshun: I love Mrs. Jaclyn she is the best, But Kim Vo he is a wash i will drown him in hair, really I'm oshun will not let the low tide of the show stop my oshun front! the cartoon character was not the issue it was the models hair condition and the time was the real problem.

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