Thursday, September 4, 2008

BSG Interview With Charlie Price

Charlie Price was the first runner-up on this season of Shear Genius. He's a lot of fun to talk with, mostly because he doesn't mince words. Here are a few he's shared with us.

BSG: You won 4 elimination challenges and 2 short cut challenges. Did you think you had the finale challenge in the bag?

CP: i had a feeling that there might be "charlie fatigue" by the finale- no matter what i did it might not be enough lol- i was very proud of what i did- the other two obviously didn't even finish their models- during the judging all of the things that were said about my work are the things i strive for-technical, shiny ,luxurious etc-and just for the record- i fulfilled the challenge plus did 2 updos- plus did double process colors on all four clients- that achievement speaks for itself in my book.

BSG: How hard was it to keep quiet about the results for so many months since filming the finale?

CP: it was very hard- such an important and exciting experience is hard to lock away-i also am not good at secrets

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